FENNEL Limited Edition T-shirts

FENNEL Limited Edition T-shirts © FENNEL store
FENNEL Limited Edition T-shirts © FENNEL store

The famous Asian team has released a small collection of unique T-shirts. The eSports team FENNEL has long had a wide range of apparel, ranging from the typical T-shirts with the team’s logo to high-quality sweatshirts.

This time, to celebrate advancing to the ALGS playoffs, the Japanese team decided to release two t-shirts to the market, which will be there for not too long, so, if, after reading this post, you are interested in any of them, you will have to hurry. Before we take a look at the FENNEL t-shirts, let’s first see what this eSports team is and who it is made up of.

What is FENNEL esports team?

FENNEL is an eSports team hailing from Japan that is dedicated to multi-game eSports, meaning it does not focus solely on one sport. Currently, FENNEL is dedicated to esports such as Valorant, Apex Legends, LoL: Wildrift, Players Unknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBG) and so on. On this occasion, and since the t-shirts are released in commemoration of their participation in the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series), we will see who made up the Apex team and what their performance was.

FENNEL Limited Edition black T-shirt © FENNEL store
FENNEL Limited Edition black T-shirt © FENNEL store

In this esport, FENNEL has arguably had great success in recent years, with a first place finish in the 2021 Japan series, two first places in the 2021 Winter ALGS, another first place finish in the 2021 FAV Cup, among other first places, and, leading into this post, qualifying in sixth place to the 2022 Apex Legends Global Series playoffs, which will be played in Sweden.

FENNEL’s Limited Edition T-shirts Collection drop

On April 28th of this year 2022, after the qualification to the playoffs, FENNEL officially launched its short collection of limited edition t-shirts, commemorating the achievement. These t-shirts are the same, only in different colors.

FENNEL limited edition white T-shirt

The first one is white, made of 100% cotton and with sizes from M to XL (they are Japanese sizes, check if they are suitable for you before buying). It features an oversized logo on the chest, with various inscriptions: in the background is the map of Sweden, where the ALGS playoffs will be played, in yellow; on the front, the name FENNEL, the phrase “We take over the WRLD”, the hashtag #FLWIN and more, all in blue.

FENNEL Limited Edition white T-shirt © FENNEL store
FENNEL Limited Edition white T-shirt © FENNEL store

FENNEL limited edition black T-shirt

The second of these T-shirts is black, and will be the complete opposite of the previous one; while the other one is white, with the map of Sweden in yellow and the rest in blue, this one will be black, with the map in blue and all the inscriptions in yellow.

Where to get this FENNEL limited edition?

If you are interested in this collection and wish to purchase one of the t-shirts, just go to the team’s store, or click on this link for the white t-shirt, or on this one for the black t-shirt.