OG’s Summer, Human Invasion and Feeling Young

OG's Summer, Human Invasion and Feeling Young © OG's shop
OG's Summer, Human Invasion and Feeling Young © OG's shop

OG’s Brand is a fairly recent Spanish fashion brand, founded by the famous youtuber and streamer IlloJuan, which has gained great recognition on the streaming platform Twitch, since its arrival in 2020. This brand, like him, has also become very well known, reaching several customers around the world.

This brand, like many others, has taken advantage of the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere to launch a new summer fashion collection. One of the last collections we liked from OG’s was the Brotherhood Collection. Next, let’s take a look at these two new collections from OG’s, analyzing each of the garments it brings and, at the end of the post, giving a guide on how you can get them in your home country.

OG's Summer COLORFUL T-shirt © OG's shop
OG’s Summer COLORFUL T-shirt © OG’s shop

OG’s 2022 Summer Collection overview

Taking advantage of the arrival of summer, OG’s Brand announced the release of a new summer collection, consisting of four different t-shirts, with great designs and choice of colors, using a fairly broad palette.

COLORFUL T-shirt of OG’s Summer Collection 2022

The first t-shirt we find in this new summer collection is the COLORFUL, a short-sleeved T-shirt with hem, round neck, made of 100% cotton and bottom hem with wide double-needle stitching. Its design is extremely simple, having only the OG’s logo on the front, on the left side of the chest, as well as on the back, filling the circles formed by the letters with different colors.

The good thing about this T-shirt is the range of colors in which it comes available, being able to acquire it in white, with the logos in black, or in black, dark blue, salmon and turquoise, with the logos in white. It also has several sizes, being available in sizes from S to XXL.

BLACK OR WHITE T-shirt by OG’s Summer Collection 2022

Another T-shirt with a great design is this one, also made in cotton, with short sleeves and round neck, and with oversize cut, that is, with a looser fit on the body. Sizes range from S to XXL. What stands out most about this T-shirt is the design, as it has a black horizontal half and the other half white, although the latter has the sleeve (in this case, the left one) in black.

OG's Summer Black or White T-shirt © OG's shop
OG’s Summer Black or White T-shirt © OG’s shop

On the front of the T-shirt we find the OG’s logo with a typography that reminds us of the old punk bands. On the back we see the same logo, this time at the bottom, reaching the end of the T-shirt.

SMILEY MELTDOWN T-shirt by OG’s Summer Collection 2022

A very particular t-shirt is the Smiley Meltdown design, which includes in the front a melting smiley face emoji (from there derives its name); the particular thing is that this emoji has on an OG’s fisherman cap, which is black or white, depending on the model. On the back, the OG’s logo in yellow.

OG's Summer SMILEY MELTDOWN T-shirt © OG's shop
OG’s Summer SMILEY MELTDOWN T-shirt © OG’s shop

This T-shirt comes available in two models: black and white, changing only the color of the fabric and the color of the emoji’s hat. Like the rest, it is made entirely of cotton, and features a round neck, short sleeves with hem and bottom hem, and sizes from S to XXL.

OG’S T-shirt from OG’s Summer Collection 2022

The last T-shirt in this collection is one that also comes in a wide range of colors, being available in white, black, dark blue, salmon, turquoise and pastel pink. All models feature the OG’s logo in blue on the front, and the same logo on the back, only in colors ranging from light blue to orange, through green and pink; this logo on the back is made with a design that simulates being from the beach.

OG's Summer T-shirt © OG's shop
OG’s Summer T-shirt © OG’s shop

As for the fabrication, the T-shirt is 100% cotton, round neck and short sleeves with hem, as well as the hem at the bottom. It is available from size S to XXL.

OG’s Human Invasion & Feeling Young clothing Collection

On July 11, 2022, OG’s announced via Twitter that it would be launching a new collection on its web store, called Human Invasion & Feeling Young. The collection has only two t-shirts, but, equally, both have a wide choice of colors.

FEELING YOUNG T-shirt by OG’s 2022

Moving on to the second collection, called Human Invasion & Feeling Young (something like a 2-for-1 in collections), we find the Feeling Young t-shirt, with an extremely simple front, including only a tag like when you mention someone in your Instagram post, with the name OG’s.

OG's FEELING YOUNG T-shirt © OG's shop
OG’s FEELING YOUNG T-shirt © OG’s shop

For its part, the back is what has the most design, including a pattern of 12 “Pepes”, as a meme of a frog is commonly called, which you may already know. This pattern has the frog meme in different colors, with garments, accessories and even different types of hair. Below this pattern, the phrase “Feeling Young but they treat me like the OG’s”.

As for its manufacture, the T-shirt is made of 100% cotton, with round neck and hemmed sleeves, sizes from S to XXL and various models, with base colors such as white, black, pastel yellow, pastel light blue and pink.

OG’s HUMAN INVASION T-shirt 2022

The second T-shirt of this collection, belonging to the Human Invasion part, is another very simple one, with a base color that, depending on the model, can be white, black, yellow, light blue or pastel pink (as in the previous T-shirt), together with the OG’s logo inside a kind of TV set in dark blue with a yellow circle on the left side of the chest.

OG's HUMAN INVASION T-shirt © OG's shop
OG’s HUMAN INVASION T-shirt © OG’s shop

Likewise, in this case the main design is on the back, with a large dark blue TV with a yellow circle, which simulates a TV channel broadcasting, in which, instead of announcing an alien invasion, it is an alien who is announcing a human invasion, curiously, of people wearing OG’s clothing. Below this TV, the phrase “Please stay at home – Don’t panic”.

Where to get the new OG’s 2022 collections?

If you liked any of the t-shirts from the Summer 2022 collection or the new Human Invasion & Feeling Young collection and you want to buy them, you should know that you can only do it through OG’s web store, which is always available, with multiple payment options and international shipping.

Before purchasing any garment, we recommend that you check more than once the size you are choosing, so you don’t have to make any returns. Also, verify that your chosen payment method is enabled and, likewise, that your country of origin is eligible for international shipments from OG’s store.