NAVI arrives with new items for Valentine’s Day

NAVI Valentine's Day clothing © NAVI shop
NAVI Valentine's Day clothing © NAVI shop

Esports has become a whole industry made up of teams that have established themselves within the sector and have set up their own machinery. One of them is NAVI (a word formed as a result of the combination of the Latin words Natus Vincere = born to win). This organization originated in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2009 by the Kazakh Murat “Arbalet” Zhumashevichm who had this initiative during the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Dubai.

From that moment NAVI began its adventure into the world of esports coming to form teams to participate in competitions of games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, World Of Tanks, FIFA, Dota 2, League Of Legends, Paladins, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rainbow Six Siege, Mobile Legends: Bang Van, VALORANT and Fortnite. All this makes NAVI one of the esports organizations with the largest presence in the sector. News recently broke that within the Dota 2 team, the organization made the decision to dispense with player Victor “GeneRaL” Nigrini. This move is due to the changes made by NAVI prior to their participation in the Dota 2022 professional circuit tour in order to generate a lineup that can perform better against the teams they will face there.

NAVI Valentine's Day Hoodie © NAVI shop
NAVI Valentine’s Day Hoodie © NAVI shop

In that sense, the 2021 CPD season was not the best for GeneRAL within the NAVI roster, which made the organization take the decision to remove him from this set, but remaining as a free agent and not under contract. After obtaining a fifth place in the Eastern European regional league in the CPD Winter Tour, it was evident that NAVI needed to make changes in their lineup if they wanted to obtain better results in the upcoming tournaments. In the end, GeneRAL ended up being the weakest link in the team, adding to the conflict that existed between him and Solo in terms of the approach to the game, causing a miscommunication between the two that negatively affected the team’s performance.

At the moment the organization is contemplating some players with the potential to fill the space left by GeneRAL as offlaner. However, this will not be an easy task, as they will have to take into account the playing styles of their main pair: No[o]ne- and V-Tune. While this is being resolved, fans will be able to acquire the latest merchandising that this team has brought to the market. These are new items launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, which you can purchase as a gift for your partner or a friend.

NAVI Valentine’s Day clothing items

The items you may have the opportunity to purchase are:

NAVI Valentine’s Day Hoodie

This Valentine’s Day hooded sweatshirt is made of materials that combine cotton and polyester, resulting in a piece that is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. It also features graphic elements alluding to the Valentine’s Day theme, such as an embroidered heart next to the front pocket, as well as words on the sleeves and a romantic phrase on the front in the context of sports. This model also features a ribbed segment located in the sleeve area, giving you the necessary adjustment in case you want to roll up the sleeves to the forearms and give your outfit a different style. This ribbed material is also present in the waist area, giving this sweatshirt a more streamlined structure.

NAVI Valentine's Day Hoodie details © NAVI shop
NAVI Valentine’s Day Hoodie details © NAVI shop

NAVI Valentine’s Day Blanket

Another product offered by NAVI to its fans in honor of Valentine’s Day is a blanket made of wool and acrylic materials, which were subjected to strict processes that allowed shaping this piece, obtaining at the end a blanket soft to the touch and warm enough to keep you warm on those days of intense cold, either alone or with your partner. Also, this blanket has graphic elements that elevate its aesthetics such as the team’s logo in large size, as well as the embroidery that makes up the entire surface of the back.

NAVI Valentine's Day Blanket © NAVI shop
NAVI Valentine’s Day Blanket © NAVI shop

NAVI brings new items to its store that will be the ideal gift for fans of this team on Valentine’s Day. If you want to buy the items you can do it from the official NAVI shop.