NAVI’s New Year’s clothing drop

NAVI's New Year's clothing drop © NAVI shop
NAVI's New Year's clothing drop © NAVI shop

The competitive video game franchise Natus Vincere, also known as NAVI is one of the oldest organizations in the scene, since its beginnings date back to 2009. Nowadays we see different teams rise and disappear in the blink of an eye, but this is not the case with NAVI, today they have a variety of groups that are dedicated to different disciplines, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Starcraft 2 and many more. One of their most recent moves was their jump to the competitive scene in cell phone titles, such as Wild Rift, Free Fire, Mobile Legends and Brawl Stars, in the latter video game the team managed to be crowned as world runner-up in the 2021 finals. Finally, to close this year in the best way, the team decided to launch a collection called Party Killer.

What does Natus Vincere bring us with the Party Killer collection?

NAVI announced in its stores the arrival of three pieces that make up the Party Killer collection, despite being a reduced quantity each garment is of an amazing quality. Among the pieces we can find a sweater, a balaclava hat and a scarf.

Natus Vincere Sweater from the Party Killer clothing collection

The first piece belonging to the clothing collection is a turtleneck sweater, ideal for the winter seasons. As for its design, it is a completely black piece, and in the middle of the front is the phrase “Party Killer” in yellow. Its composition consists of two materials in equal parts, wool and acrylic, the combination of both results in a warm and cozy garment, perfect for these dates.

NAVI's New Year's Party Killer Sweater © NAVI shop
NAVI’s New Year’s Party Killer Sweater © NAVI shop

Natus Vincere Balaclava hat from the Party Killer Collection

Next, there is what might be the most striking piece of the entire fashion collection, and it is a balaclava with dual functionality. Its design is almost entirely black, except for a yellow detail at the top. Like the previous piece, it is made of wool and acrylic, making it an attractive garment at first glance and also functional in keeping us warm. However, this is not all, as you can turn this simple hat into a terrorist mask.

NAVI's New Year's Party Killer Balaclava © NAVI shop
NAVI’s New Year’s Party Killer Balaclava © NAVI shop

Natus Vincere Scarf from the Party Killer apparel Collection

Every winter fashion collection must have a scarf, and NAVI did not disappoint on this occasion, as the last piece in the Party Killer clothing collection we have a scarf that will keep you warm without losing style. It has the same colors as the previous pieces, a black base and yellow details, this time the detail is about the name of the collection. To keep you at the right temperature, wool and acrylic were implemented in its composition.

NAVI's New Year's Party Killer Scarf © NAVI shop
NAVI’s New Year’s Party Killer Scarf © NAVI shop

Party Killer has been a quite famous clothing collection among the followers of the franchise due to its fun theme, the quality of its pieces and the design of these, being a perfect detail to give as a gift in these dates, as a way to end the year 2021 for NAVI this was undoubtedly one of their best ideas.

Natus Vincere has launched a new apparel collection under the name of Party Killer, this clothing line will keep you warm on these dates while you splurge style. If you want to purchase any of these items you can do it from NAVI’s official shop.