Shroud “Into The Void” Apparel Collection

Shroud "Into The Void" Apparel Collection © Shroud shop

If you are a follower of gaming, you probably know the name of Shroud; he is a Canadian streamer, whose real name is Michael Grzesiek, who is really known worldwide. In 2022, Shroud reached 10 million followers on the Twitch platform, making him the seventh most followed channel on the platform. Before venturing into Twitch, Shroud was already known in the world of eSports, as he is a professional Valorant player and former professional CS:GO player.

Being so recognized worldwide, Shroud has his own online store, from which he sells to all his followers a large amount of clothing from different apparel collections. These clothes are highly sought after by those who know Shroud and follow him in his streams or every time he participates professionally in Valorant.

Shroud “Into The Void” Black T-shirt © Shroud shop

He recently released a new clothing collection called Into The Void, which is composed of several different high quality garments. We’ll talk about this collection today, detailing everything you need to know, as well as a guide on how to buy her garments through the store from any country.

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“Into The Void” 2022: New fashion collection from Shroud

Shroud announced on November 25 through their social media that the new 2022 collection, called Into The Void, was now available for purchase through their online store. This clothing collection is composed of different sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants and jackets, so, if you want to know these garments in depth, keep reading the guide that we leave you below.

Into The Void Hoodie by Shroud 2022

To start with the collection, we find a hoodie with adjustable drawstring hood and kangaroo pockets, available in sizes from S to 3XL and made of a blend of polyester and cotton. It is black in color and, like all the garments that are part of this collection, it features lots and lots of graphics and designs; in this case, we see several Shroud logos on the front, in various patterns, in white and blue. On the left sleeve we see a pattern of blue stripes and, on the right sleeve, more Shroud graphics and logos, also in white and blue.

Shroud “Into The Void” Hoodie © Shroud shop

On the back we see a large design that occupies the entire back, also with the Shroud logo, stripes and different drawings of planet earth, all in blue and white. The hood also features a design, on the back, in this case, with a white arrow and a blue pointer.

Into The Void pants by Shroud 2022

The pants found in this collection goes in conjunction with the previous sweatshirt, made of cotton and polyester, with side pockets. It is black and has a series of blue stripes on the left sleeve and different Shroud designs and logos in white and blue. It is available in sizes S to 3XL.

Shroud “Into The Void” Sweatpants © Shroud shop

Into The Void T-shirt by Shroud 2022

The first t-shirt of this apparel collection also follows the blue line that we have already seen in the sweatshirt and pants; it is a round neck t-shirt with short sleeves, available in sizes up to 3XL, made of 100% cotton.

Its design is black, including different Shroud logos on the front, in white and blue, as in the sweatshirt, also including the great design on the back, which includes the different graphics of the streamer, along with the drawings of the planet in blue and white.

Shroud “Into The Void” Orange T-shirt © Shroud shop

Into The Void Windbreaker by Shroud

Taking advantage of the winter, you have the option to get a high quality windbreaker, made of fully recycled polyester, available in sizes from S to 3XL, with regular fit. It has a hood, zipper closure from the neck to the chest, central pocket and individual side pockets.

It is black, and features various Shroud logos on the front, in white and lime, different logo graphics and stripes on both sleeves, also in this range of colors and the back design already seen, with different logos and drawings of the planet in white and lime.

Shroud “Into The Void” Windbreaker © Shroud shop

Into The Void long sleeve t-shirt by Shroud

Long sleeve t-shirt made of 100% cotton, with round neck and availability up to size 3XL. Black design, with the graphics already seen on the front, sleeves and back, mixing white and yellow.

Into The Void bomber jacket by Shroud 2022

Bomber jacket made of waterproof nylon, with side pockets, central zipper closure to the neck. Black design, with Shroud logos on the front in white and orange, single sleeve designs on the right and large design on the back, also in white and orange.

Shroud “Into The Void” Bomber Jacket © Shroud shop

Shroud 2022 Into The Void Hooded Jacket

Cotton and polyester coat with adjustable hood, single pockets, black color design and blue accents on front, sleeves and back.

Into The Void T-shirt by Shroud 2022

Last short sleeve t-shirt of the collection, made of cotton, with round neck and white and orange design, with the same graphics already seen in the rest of the garments of the collection.

Shroud “Into The Void” Zip-Up Hoodie © Shroud shop

Where can I buy Shroud’s new 2022 clothing collection?

If you liked this new 2022 collection from the famous Canadian streamer Shroud, you might want to know how you can get any of the garments that are part of it. For this, you will have to head over to his online store, where you will also find many, many other collections, garments and accessories, so if you want to head straight to this particular collection, you should click here.

When you are inside the fashion collection and you have already chosen the garments you like, you should check the size of each one; inside the store you will see a guide table with the specific measurements of the available sizes of each garment, so you should compare them with the measurements of your body. This way, you will avoid having to make returns to the store in the future.

Shroud “Into The Void” long sleeve T-shirt © Shroud shop

Once you have all this ready, the only thing left to do is to add the payment method you prefer, include the billing information and, finally, the shipping information. Then, all you have to do is wait for your order to be confirmed and shipped to your doorstep.