Team BDS “Challenge the Game” Collection

Team BDS
Team BDS "Challenge the Game" Clothing Collection © Team BDS shop

Created in 2020, Team BDS is a fairly young Swiss Esports franchise, however, in the short time they have been in the competitive video game scene they have experienced a huge growth to get a huge amount of fans. They currently have different teams, one of the most striking is their Rocket League grouping, who recently managed to win the RLCS 2021-22: World Championship. A large part of the franchise’s success is due to its fans, which is why Team BDS has created a new collection with which they can represent the team at all times.

What Team BDS brings us with the Challenge the Game apparel Collection

Recently the Team BDS franchise wanted to surprise their fan community for the support that has allowed them to grow and develop as one of the most promising Esports organizations in all of Europe. As a form of retribution, they managed to develop a collection of clothing called Challenge the Game, this collection is composed of two t-shirts and a hoodie. We also recently reviewed the latest RLCS jersey from Team BDS.

Team BDS Challenge the Game T-shirts

Among the first pieces to be released we have the Challenge the Game T-shirts, pieces that are currently in high demand. These t-shirts were created with the reason of being able to be used in any occasion and thus support Team BDS at all times. It should be noted that there are two models of T-shirts, which differ mainly by the colors implemented in them.

Team BDS
Team BDS “Challenge the Game” T-shirt © Team BDS shop

It is no surprise that more and more Esports franchises are looking to focus on the lifestyle of their followers and thus offer products for casual use. This is the case of Team BDS, which in addition to offering two casual garments that can be easily worn and combined, these shirts can be used while you are in your gaming days, as they will not generate any inconvenience or discomfort. By studying the style of both we can notice that these are two shirts that were designed under the standards of minimalism, by having a single detail which is very well defined. This style allows not only a better appreciation of the pieces, but also offers the possibility to combine them with a variety of garments and create different outfits.

For the appearance section, the Challenge the Game t-shirts have a base composed of a solid color, in the case of the first model this base is white, on the other hand, the second model of t-shirt has a navy blue base. These T-shirts have a single detail, specifically in the middle of the chest, it is the slogan “Challenge the Game” which refers to the challenges that are imposed both players and anyone related to the Team BDS franchise. This message is in pink for both models.

The materials used in the creation of the Challenge the Game T-shirts are exclusively organic cotton. This material is characterized for being one of the most comfortable among the available options, besides being produced in an environmentally responsible way.

Team BDS Challenge the Game Hoodie

The last piece of the Team BDS collection is the Challenge the Game hoodie, just like the previously analyzed T-shirts, it is being very requested by the fans. With this garment you will be able to carry the franchise’s message everywhere you go.

Team BDS
Team BDS “Challenge the Game” White Hoodie © Team BDS shop

Following the narrative of the collection, the Challenge the Game hoodie is a casual type of garment, that is, it can be used in any of the activities you do in your day to day. Best of all, you’ll still be supporting the team wherever you go.

When we talk about its style, you can notice the minimalist influences in the piece, having only one detail, this allows you to highlight and offer a better look to the garment. Regarding its appearance, the Challenge the Game hoodie is composed of a beige base, while on the front is in pink the slogan of the collection. The combination of these two colors creates an interesting contrast. As a result, the Team BDS hoodie is an extremely easy-to-match garment thanks to these colors.

Responsibility is an extremely important concept for the franchise, specifically environmental responsibility. That is why this piece was manufactured based on a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester, materials that provide comfort and durability, which are produced under environmentally friendly processes. You can get your hands on this new collection from the Team BDS shop.