TSM 2022 Pro Jersey © Team SoloMid shop
TSM 2022 Pro Jersey © Team SoloMid shop

Team SoloMid 2022 Pro Jersey

In the esports competitive scene, the dominance imposed by teams is subject to constant changes each season. However, there are always exceptions, teams that over the years are always among the top positions in each of the most prestigious tournaments of any video game. In the case of League of Legends, TSM is undoubtedly the most dominant franchise in the history of the North American server. Since their inception they have won a total of 7 LCS championships and each season they look to add one more to their collection. The constant growth of the team to an organization has made them expand into new horizons such as PUBG, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros, etc. As expected this new season they have unveiled a new jersey, which has a variety of details that will impress you.

What TSM brings us with its new professional jersey for the 2022 season

Last year TSM was among the top positions in the LCS playoffs, but for 2022 they have the goal to surpass this mark and win it all. To encourage the players and also the fans, the franchise unveiled the new jersey that has an essence never seen before. Being a professional jersey, it can be expected to be of the sporty type that completely adapts to your body and thus avoid any kind of restriction in the movements that a player can make during a game. However, despite being of the sporty type, the uniform has an oversized style, giving a looser and more relaxed fit while still being functional to wear. This is something uncommon in Team SoloMid gear, however, it’s never a bad thing to try new things.

TSM 2022 Pro Jersey - Spica and Shenyi © Team SoloMid shop
TSM 2022 Pro Jersey – Spica and Shenyi © Team SoloMid shop

The next thing to take into account is the design of the professional jersey, which escapes from the conventional with respect to designs of past seasons. The same color palette of black and white is still used, but the details are now not so minimalist but rather refreshing and casual/juvenile. The base of the shirt is completely black and on both sides of the chest carries the FTX and TSM logo in white, below this we have several parallel rectangular shapes in white, which together form an abstract body quite attractive to the naked eye, on the back of the garment are the logos of Geico and Twitch and below a similar shape to the one analyzed above.

As materials implemented in the piece, polyester was used, and the details captured in it were by means of high quality sublimation. Among the main characteristics of this polyester is that it is antimicrobial and also absorbs moisture, making it a very useful, comfortable and, of course, attractive piece for fans and players. Believe it or not, there is still more, and if you are a big Team SoloMid fan you have the option to customize this amazing jersey. Now you will not only be able to support your team using this new garment but at the same time you will do it with a personalized and unique piece in the world, since you can place your name on the back.

TSM 2022 Pro Jersey - Front and back © Team SoloMid shop
TSM 2022 Pro Jersey – Front and back © Team SoloMid shop

Undoubtedly TSM has been the franchise that transcended the level as far as the North American competitive scene is concerned, along with its powerful teams over the years have managed to win a multitude of fans who support them unconditionally. The arrival of this pro kit with a new style surprised everyone, but was very well received by the majority who can’t wait to wear it during their favorite team’s games. If you want to buy it you can do it from the official TSM shop.