DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Drop

DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Drop © DarkZero shop
DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Drop © DarkZero shop

DarkZero is a North American eSports team that actively participates in professional Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant competitions, but in addition to eSports, it also launches fashion collections and items for its fans around the world that you can’t miss.

In case you didn’t already know, October is breast cancer awareness month, and there are many artists, streamers, youtubers and eSports teams that show solidarity with the cause, using different media. In this case, DarkZero took the opportunity to launch a new collection of sporting goods focused precisely on this month of awareness.

DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness player Jersey © DarkZero shop
DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness player Jersey © DarkZero shop

If you want to know the new collection #GoingPink, which is the name that received the same, we invite you to continue reading this post, in which we will discuss everything that brings, in addition to, at the end of it, help you get it from your country of origin in simple steps. You can also see how we analyzed last year’s DarkZero special Jersey against breast cancer.

DarkZero #GoingPink 2022 Collection overview

On October 7, just entering this important month, DarkZero made the announcement of the new official launch of its #GoingPink collection, which features three garments and accessories focused on the month of breast cancer worldwide, using characteristic colors, such as pink.

The collection is composed of a professional jersey, a hoodie and a competitive sleeve, so, if you want to know these three items in detail, with their designs and more, keep reading what we bring you below.

DarkZero’s #GoingPink 2022 Sports Jersey

The first thing we find in this collection is a player kit made entirely of polyester, a fabric widely used in the world of eSports and sports in general, since it is extremely lightweight, cool and absorbent, being able to reduce the moisture produced by the sweat of competition and stress with great ease.

DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Hoodie © DarkZero shop
DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Hoodie © DarkZero shop

It is a uniform with round neck, short sleeves and sizes from XS to 2XL (remember to check the size guide table to choose the right size for you and avoid having to make returns). As for its design, it is purple, with a pink stripe in gradient in the center of the chest, also covering the sleeve area. It has the Raven logo on the right side of the chest, next to the breast cancer ribbon in pink on the left side and, below these two, the name of the team and the hashtag #GoingPink, in white and pink.

On the sleeves we see team sponsors and again the hashtag that gives name to the collection. On the back, finally, the team logo at the top, the DarkZero name vertically down the column and, below that, again the hashtag of the collection.

DarkZero #GoingPink 2022 Hoodie

To cover you from the cold you will also find a hoodie with adjustable drawstring hood and kangaroo pockets, made of 100% cotton. Also available in sizes XS to 2XL. Its design is extremely simple, being a black hoodie, only with the hashtag #GoingPink in pink on the center chest and the breast cancer ribbon on the edge of the right sleeve, embroidered in pink.

DarkZero #GoingPink 2022 Sleeve

Finally, we find a polyester sports sleeve, also used in these items, as the arms tend to sweat a lot during competition; by using polyester, the moisture does not go down the arms, but is absorbed by the sleeve.

DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Sleeve © DarkZero shop
DarkZero 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Sleeve © DarkZero shop

Its color is very similar to the jersey, using purple at the top, going to pink in gradient; it has the DarkZero logo and the breast cancer ribbon in white and, below it, the hashtag of the collection, also in white. Above the colors we will be able to see some small spots that allude to space, simulating stars and space particles; it will give a great color to your sportswear, in conjunction with the eSports player jersey.

Where to buy DarkZero’s new #GoingPink clothing collection?

DarkZero’s new breast cancer awareness collection is only available for purchase through Raven’s web store, which is responsible for marketing this team’s apparel and more. To get to the website faster, you can click here and be there in seconds.

Remember to verify that you have one of the international payment methods that Raven’s store has, whether it’s Google Pay, PayPal, or others, otherwise you won’t be able to make a purchase.

Finally, do not forget to make sure that the same store makes international shipments to your country and, above all, that your country is able to receive shipments from other countries, what is the cost, and so on.