“We are Mad Kat” Clothing Drop by Rubius

"We are Mad Kat" Clothing Drop by Rubius © MadKat store

Elrubius, the famous Spanish-Norwegian youtuber and streamer who has been on the YouTube and Twitch scene for so many years, has his own fashion brand: Mad Kat. Said brand recurrently launches high quality fashion collections, with multiple garments and accessories that catch the attention of the vast majority of his fans.

In case you haven’t heard of him yet, rubius has been leading the online entertainment market in Spain and most Latin American countries for years, and his brand, MadKat, was an absolute success in sales from the moment it was launched.

“We are Mad Kat” New Classic Sweatshirt by Rubius © MadKat store

On this occasion, Mad Kat has officially released its new 2022 collection, entitled “We Are Mad Kat”, composed of multiple garments that you can’t miss. If you want to know in depth this new 2022 collection, we invite you to stay with us until the end of the post, as we will also tell you how to get it from your country of origin. A short time ago we also saw the Mad Kat x Ari Gameplays Collection.

“We Are Mad Kat” 2022 Clothing Collection, by elrubius

The new collection “We Are Mad Kat” of Mad Kat, by elrubius, was announced on October 2, 2022, through the official Twitter account of the Spanish yotuber. This collection is composed of 8 high quality garments, with different colors, fabrics and designs.

Below, we are going to detail each of these garments, telling you what each one is about, what sizes are available, their cuts and more. Keep reading so you don’t miss a thing.

“We are Mad Kat” Classic Sweatshirt by Rubius © MadKat store

NEW CLASSIC We Are MadKat 2022 Sweatshirt

The first thing we find in this new MadKat collection is a sweatshirt made of 100% cotton, with round neck, that is, without hood. Available in sizes from S to XXL and in various models, including black, white, salmon and gray.

Its design includes the Mad Kat logo repeated three times vertically on the right side of the chest, a phrase in Japanese on the left sleeve and a large design that covers the entire back with the phrase “Appreciate the classics” and more characteristic drawings of the brand, such as a cartoon cat logo.

CLASSIC We Are Mad Kat 2022 Sweatshirt

We see here another cotton sweatshirt with round neck and adjustable cuffs, just like the one seen above. It also comes in several models in black, white, salmon and gray, with sizes up to 2XL.

“We are Mad Kat” SPRAY Sweatshirt by Rubius © MadKat store

The design is exactly the same, with the Mad Kat logo on the chest, repeated in a vertical pattern, with the difference that, on the back, the design will not include the drawing of a cat, but will be replaced by the Mad Kat logo.

We Are MadKat SPRAY Sweatshirt

Continuing with the sweatshirts, we find this one belonging to the Spray line, of which we will also see another garment later on. It is, again, a cotton sweatshirt with round neck, available in three models: black, white and gray, in sizes from S to 2XL.

Its front design is quite basic, only finding the name Mad Kat in a spray typography style, which gives name to the line, as if it were graffiti, along with the cat logo previously seen.

On the back we will see a large design with the phrase “We Are MadKat so are you” repeated in vertical pattern 12 times; above that, a graffiti of the same cat logo in green color and, below that, a series of stripes also green graffiti.

TAG We Are Mad Kat 2022 Sweatshirt

To finish with the sweatshirts, we find this model of the Tag line, like the first two models seen, available in black, white, salmon and gray, in sizes up to 2XL.

“We are Mad Kat” TAG Sweatshirt by Rubius © MadKat store

It is round neck, as is also the case with the other sweatshirts, with a design that includes the cat already seen, just with the phrase “Appreciate the classics” (basically, the design of the back part of the “New Classics” sweatshirt, but on the front and in smaller size).

On the back we can see the name of Mad Kat in the best graffiti signature style or “tag”, which gives name to the line, located in the center of the back vertically.

Oversize SPRAY “We Are Mad Kat” T-shirt

Moving on to the T-shirt area, we find an extra oversize cotton T-shirt, that is, super loose-fitting, available in sizes up to 2XL (recommended to see the measurements in the guide table), and in two models: one white and one black.

“We are Mad Kat” SPRAY T-shirt by Rubius © MadKat store

Both models feature the Mad Kat name and the cat logo on the front, in the center of the chest, and in white or black, depending on each model. On the back, as we saw in the sweatshirt of the same line, the phrase “We Are Mad Kat so are you” repeated in a vertical pattern 12 times, with the green cat logo graffitied on top.

We Are Mad Kat oversize TAG T-shirt

Here we find again a T-shirt with a super loose-fitting extra oversize cut belonging to the Tag line of which we already saw a sweatshirt before, available in black, white and pastel pink models.

“We are Mad Kat” TAG T-shirt by Rubius © MadKat store

All three models are crew neck and short sleeved, with the MadKat cat design found on the back of the New Classic line, along with a design on the back of Mad Kat’s signature graffiti or “tag” vertically on the spine area.

TAG We Are Mad Kat 2022 long sleeve T-shirt

We can also see a particular model of cotton t-shirt, which is double layered, finding a short sleeve top shirt and a long sleeve bottom shirt joined together. It comes available in one model only, with a black top and white bottom.

“We are Mad Kat” TAG long sleeve T-shirt by Rubius © MadKat store

It features the MadKat cat logo on the front, just like all the garments in the Tag line, and the brand’s signature vertically on the back.

“We Are Mad Kat” 2022 TAG T-shirt

To finish with the collection, we find this regular t-shirt, without being oversize, also belonging to the Tag line. It is the one that has the most models; with availability up to size 2XL, you will find it in black, white, blue, dark gray and beige, all with the already known logo of the brand’s cat on the front and the signature of Mad Kat vertically in the center of the back.

“We are Mad Kat” TAG blue T-shirt by Rubius © MadKat store

Where to buy the new elrubius 2022 “We Are Mad Kat” collection?

In case you liked any of the garments that are part of the new We Are Mad Kat collection by elrubius, you should know that the only way you will have to get it is through the brand’s web store, which you can quickly access by clicking here.

The MadKat store has several payment methods, so you will have the option to choose the one you like the most or the one you have to make the purchase of any of the garments that are part of the new collection of elrubius’ brand.