Liberty Esports 2022 Official Jersey

Liberty Esports 2022 Official Jersey © Liberty Esports shop
Liberty Esports 2022 Official Jersey © Liberty Esports shop

The Brazilian esports organization founded in 2018 in Brusque/SC currently operates since 2018 at its headquarters in Sao Paulo. Liberty has already become one of the leading eSports organizations in Brazil and aims to become the largest.

Liberty Esports at Free Fire

After two seasons of work pursuing their values: discipline, respect for others, resilience and team spirit, they managed to overcome the B series. With a place in the elite of the LBFF, the Brazilian Free Fire league, Liberty Esports has a solid base of talented and experienced professionals led by captain Drrzy, yDavi, and, Pato and Peczin, under the tutelage of coach Tiaguin7.

Liberty Esports at Valorant

Thanks to their effort and dedication the Liberty Esports team managed to secure a place in the main event. With the participation of Felipe Galiazzi (Liazzi), Gustavo Melara (Krain), Gabriel Vilela (Shion) and Rodrigo (Myssen), in addition to the new signing Lucas (Glym).

Liberty Esports 2022 Official Jersey details © Liberty Esports shop
Liberty Esports 2022 Official Jersey details © Liberty Esports shop

Currently, this team also counts on the likes of Ricardo Furquim (riK) as head coach and Saymon Sousa (Hiromi) as strategic coach. Some of the relevant changes to the team in this 2022 Shyon has taken on the role of lGL.

Liberty Esports in CS:GO

Since last year Liberty Esports made the decision to reinvent itself in CS:GO. For this it has hired Sid Macedo who will now be in charge of leading the direction of the FPS, including CS:GO and Valorant. The organization has chosen him because of his extensive experience and the knowledge he has accumulated in the FPS genre. He is also uniquely qualified to explore Liberty’s structure at the professional level in order to optimize what it can offer athletes, a fundamental aspect of the organization’s project.

Liberty Esports has stated that its plan is to give new talent a chance, help them develop and build a true professional team. Of course this process will also involve the participation of Liberty’s professionals from the selection phase, including renowned physiotherapists, physical educators, nutritionists, psychologists and doctors.

Features of the new Liberty Esports 2022 Jersey

The new Liberty Esport 2022 jersey design is innovative and highly original. It is inspired by a Renaissance decoration that seeks to reflect the solemn beauty of marble. It takes us back to the aesthetics of historical buildings, iconic of ancient culture. The idea of the neck design is oriented towards comfort by adapting to the shape of the neck, while conveying a much more casual style. This piece is made of polyester with Hive Dry fabric, giving priority to freshness and to be able to adapt properly to the body.

Liberty Esports 2022 Official Jersey back and front © Liberty Esports shop
Liberty Esports 2022 Official Jersey back and front © Liberty Esports shop

Each of the original pieces of this new collection will contain the Liberty Esports logo on the upper left side and a smaller logo on the upper back and towards the center. These emblems have an embossed design that seeks a three-dimensional and soft touch effect with a silicone base to reinforce resilience and promote durability or resistance during the washing process. This new design also features Aero Dry side mesh to promote breathability in areas where it is most needed as well as giving a very aesthetic detail to the design.

It is also noteworthy that the official Liberty logo will be present on the lower left side of the piece and its originality will be easily recognizable thanks to the reflective technology. The Havan logo will cover the shoulders, on the chest will be visible the logo of legion by lenovo and MDS which are the most important companies that have decided to be sponsors of the project. Liberty esports has announced through various media outlets that their new jersey model for 2022 is now available and they hope their fans can support them in uniform. If you want to buy the new 2022 Liberty Esports jersey you can do so from their official store.