G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey

G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey © G2 Esports shop
G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey © G2 Esports shop

As has become customary, eSports teams usually launch their official jerseys for sale, used by their team players in professional competitions of different sports video games. These jerseys are even more popular than those that are not so much related to the team, but are fashion collections outside eSports.

This is the case with G2, undoubtedly one of the most important eSports teams in history, with a large organization and that, just a couple of days ago, released in its official store a competitive jersey, which can be used by its players in various competitions.

Next, we will see what this jersey is about, what are its features, design, materials and others, along with a guide on how to get it through the official store. But first, let’s go over what exactly G2 is and in which competitions we can find it.

G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey - Ocelote © G2 Esports shop
G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey – Ocelote © G2 Esports shop

What is G2 Esports?

G2, formerly known as Gamers2, is an eSports organization of Spanish origin, but which is currently distributed around the world, with players from many countries, both in Europe, America and Asia. It is internationally recognized for being one of the most supported in various competitions.

This e-sports organization is dedicated to various video games, such as League Of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Warcraft, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, PUBG, Apex Legends, among others.

Such is the fame acquired by this organization that, for a long time, it has had sponsors of great level, such as Logitech, Red Bull, Twitch, BMW, Aimlab, Philips, and so many others that are present in the new China 2022 jersey that they launched in their store.

G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey back and details © G2 Esports shop
G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey back and details © G2 Esports shop

G2 Esports launches their new Chinese 2022 Jersey

The chinese 2022 jersey of the eSports team G2 was announced through their Twitter account on May 31, day from which it is already available in the store, for a price of 50 euros. We have previously reviewed the new G2 Esports Jersey for MSI 2022.

It is a black sports uniform with designs, very similar to the one used in official eSports competitions, with a round neck and a fabric capable of absorbing the perspiration generated by the stress of the sport.

As for the design, the player kit features on the front side has a black color up to the middle, with a background of semicircles, very used in Chinese arts. The bottom half is of a mostly gray design, with various drawings of birds, the sea, plants and so on, keeping the style of Chinese art. The chest has the G2 logo on the left side, and the BMW logo on the right side.

The sleeves have no design; they have only the name of sponsors, such as Legion, Agon and Logitech. The edges of the sleeves are salmon and gold. The shoulders also feature sponsors, such as Red Bull and, again, Logitech.

G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey model © G2 Esports shop
G2 Esports Chinese Player Jersey model © G2 Esports shop

On the back, the design of the front is maintained, using different colors for its drawings, this time, without the birds and with more flowers and water. At the top of the back we see the G2 logo, accompanied below by two letters in Chinese, in gold color and the hashtag #G2ARMY.

Where to get the new G2 Esports chinese 2022 jersey?

If you liked this new official competitive sports jersey of the G2 team and you want to buy it, you should know that you can only do it through the team’s web shop, where you will also find the rest of G2 products. To make it easier, click on this link, which will take you directly to the website to buy the chinese 2022 jersey.

Before you buy it, make sure you choose the right size (you will see on the website a table with the size guide with the exact measurements), have a payment method enabled for the purchase of the jersey and, above all, that your country of origin is eligible to receive international shipments. Keep in mind that shipments can take up to 4 weeks to be dispatched, according to G2’s own website.