Team Heretics launches 2021/2022 official Jersey

Heretics 2021/2022 official Jersey - TheGrefg © Team Heretics shop
Heretics 2021/2022 official Jersey - TheGrefg © Team Heretics shop

Team Heretics is a recognized organization focused on esports founded in 2016 by Jorge Orejudo. It became well known in view of the participation of characters like ‘TheGrefg’ or ‘Goorgo’, who made a niche in the Spanish competitive scene and achieving fame by participating in video game tournaments such as Call Of Duty. Currently the team has abandoned this type of competitions after not being able to acquire the place for the competitions of the 2020 season. Its participation in these competitions -in the competitions where it participated- was important for the development of the team in the context of being recognized.

What items can we find in this collection?

We highlight first of all, as one of their latest releases, the 21/22 technical Adidas jersey, valued at €59.99. It is the most suitable equipment for sporting success on the basis of promotional material during the years 2021 and 2022. The Heretics jersey is made from Parley Ocean, a yarn created from marine plastic waste that has been recycled after being collected from offshore locations.

Heretics 2021/2022 official Jersey - Streamers © Team Heretics shop
Heretics 2021/2022 official Jersey – Streamers © Team Heretics shop

As a general rule, it appears in black, with prints of the contributors within the organization -including the Lenovo logo, who are participants in this type of promotion-. The customization depends on the selection of the individual, who can order it to appear with his nickname and particular annotation for the value of 8 euros more that will be added to the invoice. Regarding the sizes, we find 11/12, 13/14, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, which, by default, make this garment promoted by Team Heretics the default option for any person as it has a variety of sizes.

The clothing model of this team is exceptional for people who wish to get out of the contexts provided by the everyday and wish to try out novelty items that cannot be easily found on the market. It is special this kind of selection in case you are a fan of esports and even more so if you have a preference for a team like ‘Team Heretics’. This way, you can give part to two types of personal tastes at the same time, the taste for the sport and the focus on a team.

How can we buy Team Heretics 2022 Adidas Jersey?

The purchase of this type of clothing can be done both in physical stores and online. In case you decide for the physical part you will need a credit, debit, prepaid or cash card. In the case of online purchases, you will need the same types of cards or online payment processors that allow you to make purchases on the official website of Team Heretics where the sale takes place, or exchanger. By the way, apparel can also be purchased on websites dedicated to the sale of clothing that offer different brands, with an emphasis on such categories.

Heretics 2021/2022 official Jersey front and back © Team Heretics shop
Heretics 2021/2022 official Jersey front and back © Team Heretics shop

Buying on Team Heretics

To buy within the site you will not need an account, you can do it as a guest, although it is recommended that you register so you can access the study of the order and save you certain processes in future purchases. In case of customer service, the platform simplifies the process by providing two emails that will vary according to the demand you have at any given time, if the doubt is general or is related to your order.