2022 Official Jersey 2022 Official Jersey © Virtus Pro shop 2022 Official Jersey © Virtus Pro shop

The eSports teams have the habit of launching for sale, as do professional teams of other sports, their official jerseys used by their players during the new season.

This is the case of Virtus Pro, one of the most important eSports teams in history, which will soon launch in its official store the professional jersey that will be used by its teams throughout this season.

In this post we are going to tell you what this new release is all about, what the official Virtus Pro jersey looks like, its design, features and, most importantly, when it will be on sale.

What is

In case you don’t know it yet, Virtus Pro is one of the biggest eSports teams in history. Founded in 2003, in Russia, it is the most successful organization in the country, being mainly recognized for its performances in Dota 2 and CS:GO. In the latter video game, Virtus Pro has stood out as one of the best teams in history. 2022 Official Jersey back © Virtus Pro shop 2022 Official Jersey back © Virtus Pro shop

The fame of this team has led it to have sponsorships alongside renowned brands, such as Winline, Haval, Bybit, Metro and more. These can be found on the team’s new official jersey, which we will see in detail below.

New official Virtus Pro Jersey for 2022 season

Through its official Twitter account, Virtus Pro announced its new season, completely renewing the team and, in turn, also renewing the uniform they will use. On the same day of the announcement, June 10 of this 2022, they also announced that this jersey would be adopted by all their teams, whatever the competition and that it would be available for general sale soon.

This new jersey, although we do not yet know in what sizes it will be available, its material and some other details, we can see the design, thanks to the images shared by Virtus Pro’s own account.

Its design obviously adopts the team’s black and orange colors, which have characterized it for almost two decades. On the front we can see a plain part, only composed of the Virtus Pro logo on the left side of the chest, the Winline sponsorship in the center and a graphic that simulates the scratch of claws, alluding to the team’s bear, in orange. The crew neck is also in orange. 2022 Official Jersey - Players © Virtus Pro shop 2022 Official Jersey – Players © Virtus Pro shop

On the sleeves, the jersey only has sponsorships, without any design. On the back we will see a wide orange stripe that goes down from the neck, inside which is the “V” of Virtus Pro, in white. Under this stripe we will only see more sponsors.

If you want to know when this jersey will be available for sale, we don’t have an answer to give you; Virtus Pro’s official website says that the announcement will be released soon, and that the first batch of jerseys is already in production.

Where to get the new official Jersey?

At the moment, and as announced in the official Virtus Pro store, the jersey is in production, and will be available for sale soon. For this reason, if you are eager to get the new official eSports kit of this team, you will have to be patient, as there is still no estimated date. Wait, fan!

Anyway, once this jersey is available, you’ll be able to find it through the team’s official store. While you have time, check that your country is available for international shipping at this store.