Bren Esports Black and Yellow custom Jersey

Bren Esports Black and Yellow custom Jersey © Bren Esports shop
Bren Esports Black and Yellow custom Jersey © Bren Esports shop

Bren Esports is a professional eSports team, although not so recognized worldwide, it is recognized in Southeast Asia and more precisely in the country where it comes from, the Philippines. The team was founded in 2017 by Bernard “Bren” Chong and they are currently engaged in multiple eSports competitions, including CS:GO, PUBG, League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival, Valorant, and Tekken.

Like many other eSports teams, Bren is also responsible for releasing multiple apparel for sale, including also the official jerseys worn by the team’s players in various competitions. In this case, Bren Esports has announced that its new official pro jersey will be on sale in its web store. Want to find out what this jersey is all about and how you can get it? Keep reading this post until the end and don’t miss anything.

New Bren Esports Pro Jersey overview

On August 18 of this 2022, Bren Esports announced via their official Twitter account that they would be releasing a new pro jersey, which will be used by teams in various competitions. Below, we are going to tell you about the features, fabric, design, sizes, colors, cuts and other important points of this jersey.

Bren Esports Black and Yellow custom Jersey Team © Bren Esports shop
Bren Esports Black and Yellow custom Jersey Team © Bren Esports shop

It is a limited edition player jersey with the characteristic black and yellow colors of Bren Esports; on the front of the player kit we see half of it, from top to bottom, in black, in the upper part, and in yellow, in the lower part. The black half features a white logo on the left side of the chest, along with the team logo in the center, below the collar, in yellow. It also has advertising above the shoulders, in white. Finally, it has “splash” style dots in yellow.

The bottom half, i.e. the yellow half, has only the Bren Esports name on each side, in white, and other splash dots, only in black. The line separating the two halves is white. For its part, the back has the same design as the front, in yellow and black, with the difference that you can customize it, adding your nametag and a number, both in white and in the area of the black half.

On the back of the collar, the name Bren Esports in yellow, as on the front. The material of which this player jersey is made is polyester, which is used by all brands that manufacture eSports team jerseys, because it is a light and cool fabric, but which, in turn, easily absorbs moisture from sweat caused by competition and nerves.

Where to get the new Bren Esports 2022 professional jersey?

Currently, the sale of the new professional jersey of the Philippine team is not available, and was only available in a brief pre-sale on the day of its announcement. Despite this, it will be launched in a very short time for sale through the official Bren Esports shop.

Once it is available at the team’s store, check the size you are going to choose, to avoid having to make returns, and also check that your favorite payment method is enabled on the website and, finally, that they ship internationally to your country of origin.