G2 Esports new Italian and Danish Jerseys

G2 Esports new Italian and Danish Jerseys © G2 Esports shop
G2 Esports new Italian and Danish Jerseys © G2 Esports shop

G2 Esports is one of the most recognized eSports organizations in Europe, as well as worldwide, with a huge fan base from different continents; this famous Spanish organization founded in 2014 by Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez has its current headquarters in Berlin, Germany, despite being founded in Spain, as it has a great representation throughout the European continent.

This Spanish eSports organization has its own professional teams that actively and competitively participate in various official tournaments of League of Legends, CS:GO, Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League, among others.

Having such a large fan base across Europe, it’s no wonder that they focus so much on launching official merchandise for sale that can attract the attention of many, many G2 fans, even in countries other than Spain, as is the case of Italy and Denmark, who have recently joined the team’s new international collection of professional jerseys.

G2 Esports new Danish Player Jersey © G2 Esports shop
G2 Esports new Danish Player Jersey © G2 Esports shop

Want to know more about these two new professional jerseys? Keep reading this post until the end and don’t miss anything, since, besides telling you the general characteristics of these two garments, we will tell you how to buy them from your country of origin. If you like G2 clothing, don’t miss the G2 Esports x Adidas Casual 2.0 Collection.

Denmark and Italy 2022 Pro Jerseys from G2 Esports

On November 7 of this year, G2 Esports announced through its official Twitter account that Denmark and Italy would join the collection of professional e-sports jerseys, of which a huge number of countries on the continent are part, but in which these two countries had not yet participated.

Pro Denmark player Jersey by G2 Esports

Let’s talk first about the Denmark pro jersey; it is a typical e-sports sports jersey, with round neck and short sleeves, made entirely of polyester, a fabric extremely used due to the freshness it brings in sports practice and, above all, the ease with which it can absorb the moisture produced by the sweat of competition and nerves.

It is available in sizes from XS to 3XL in a single model in red, representative of the flag of Denmark. In its design you will see the G2 and BMW logo on the chest, both in white, along with many other sponsorships throughout the jersey. The edges of the sleeves are dark red and the collar is white. The design features a series of geometric shapes in white on both the front and back, and the flag of Denmark on the back near the collar, along with the G2 logo and the hashtag #G2ARMY.

G2 Esports new Italian Player Jersey © G2 Esports shop
G2 Esports new Italian Player Jersey © G2 Esports shop

Italy player Jersey by G2 Esports

The Italy sports jersey is practically the same as the previous one, only in the characteristic blue color that always represents the nation in different sports competitions, despite the fact that its flag does not have it.

It has a round neck in white, short sleeves with red borders, logos of sponsorships and G2, among others, in white, and the design of the geometric shapes at the bottom, this time with the colors of the Italian flag (green, white and red).

On the back, the Italian flag next to the G2 logo and the hashtag #G2ARMY.

Where can I buy the new official G2 Esports Player Jerseys?

The only way you will be able to get either of these two new G2 Esports pro jerseys is through their official store, where you can also find a huge variety of collections and garments of different types. If you want to get directly to these jerseys, you can click here for the Denmark jersey, or here, for the Italy jersey.

Remember to choose correctly the size you are going to use, taking measurements and comparing the respective sizes with the ones you have on your body. This way, you will have a better chance of getting the right size for you and not having to make future returns.