Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey

Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) © Solary shop
Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) © Solary shop

In the last match was from less to more for the Solary team, as they achieved a great victory, the team hopes that it is one of the many to come this season, as they start this year with everything to reach the highest positions. They faced GamersOrigin whom they defeated, with a great participation of Solary team, where they highlighted all their attributes to get the victory, it was a great game of League of Legends.

Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) - Front and back © Solary shop
Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) – Front and back © Solary shop

Both teams gave their all to obtain the victory, where the result was 4-3 in favor of the Solary esports team, both teams gave everything to obtain this victory, but in the end the team that risked more to obtain this great victory won. Solary has been showing good moves and plays, something that is exciting the fans, this is a team that is going from less to more, something that we are all noticing and this could be one of the teams that surprises in this new esports season.

The new Solary kit for the season 2022

This season Solary came to offer us a very aesthetic jersey, worthy of the country of fashion, it has a different design that will highlight this season, hopefully the results will help them to wear this jersey with pride. This is a spectacular jersey, has a striking design, this is black with thin lines of gray, we can also find in the center, three stripes of blue, gray and yellow.

Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) - Team © Solary shop
Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) – Team © Solary shop

The kit has several prints on the front of the jersey, on the shoulders, we can find the Logitech and Predator logos, on the chest we can find the shield and the Solary logo, along with the Aldi logo. This uniform is made to give you the best durability and comfort, as it is made of 100% polyester, to provide good breathability, which will give you maximum comfort so you can get the most out of it.

New image and new sponsor for Solary

LUTTI, the team’s new sponsor to bring joy to the team’s image, the team’s leaders are very excited about this new partnership, as LUTTI is one of the great organizations in France that has been in the market for many years. The team hopes that, with this new ally, they will be able to reach many more people, which will give much more strength to the team, hoping to achieve and fulfill all the objectives of this year.

This company will be in charge of improving the team’s image, to increase the visibility of new fans in the world of video games and reach much higher in the world of esports. By improving the image of the team, Solary also hopes to increase its market and expand the esports community, so that this does not become a fad, but that esports in France are here to stay, so LUTTI will help with this new project that Solary is just starting.

Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) - Details © Solary shop
Solary 2022 Pro Kit Jersey (Maillot) – Details © Solary shop

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