Team Liquid’s new TSL9 T-shirt

Team Liquid's new TSL9 T-shirt © Team Liquid store
Team Liquid's new TSL9 T-shirt © Team Liquid store

If you’ve been following the competitive gaming scene, you’ve probably heard of Team Liquid. It is an Esports organization that was created in the year 2000, since then its growth has been such that now they have more than 60 high caliber players spread across 14 titles that are the most famous of today. However, the first video game in which the organization developed was StarCraft, for which they have a great appreciation for the title.

Following its roots, Team Liquid has developed a competition called StarLeague 9 of the StarCraft II videogame, where several players will face off for the chance to win an amazing prize. They are currently running the ninth installment of this event, being the first time in which the offline mode will be used, and to celebrate it, they have developed a new t-shirt that fans can wear while enjoying the outcome of this tournament. We loved the latest collection of this team in collaboration with the famous video game Fortnite.

Team Liquid's new TSL9 T-shirt Details © Team Liquid store
Team Liquid’s new TSL9 T-shirt Details © Team Liquid store

What Team Liquid brings us with its new StarLeague9 T-Shirt

The Team Liquid franchise is looking to celebrate this new edition of the StarLeague9 competition and they are looking to do it in a big way. Their way of doing so was by surprising their fan community with a new t-shirt that they will be able to wear while the tournament is taking place.

To begin with the analysis of the piece, the main aspect to take into account will be to determine the type of T-shirt that was created by Team Liquid. On this occasion, the Esports organization decided to design a casual type of garment, since, although its purpose is to be used while the StarLeague9 competition is taking place, after its completion it will be a limited piece that you can use during your day-to-day life.

Team Liquid's new TSL9 T-shirt Front logo © Team Liquid store
Team Liquid’s new TSL9 T-shirt Front logo © Team Liquid store

Continuing with the style of the garment, you can notice that the StarLeague9 t-shirt was constructed with the aim of being a minimalist piece. The reason for this is that the color palette implemented in the jersey is very reduced in addition to being a combination that, although the details are defined, they do not stand out or are not completely eye-catching. In short, it is a garment with dark tones that will be perfect for almost any type of outfit thanks to its versatility when it comes to combining it.

As for its appearance, the color palette of the StarLeague 9 T-shirt is composed of two colors, for the base color is predominantly charcoal black, while for the details light purple was used. Among the details is the Team Liquid logo on one side of the chest, while on the back is located a commemorative design of the competition. It is an illustration in the form of a ticket, inside it is the name of the competition and the logo of the organization, both above and below is the phrase “Admit One”, referring to the tickets that can only be used by one person. The combination of these colors is incredible due to the contrast generated between the textured black and purple, thus generating an elegant appearance by having details with a very good finish.

Team Liquid's new TSL9 T-shirt Front and Back © Team Liquid store
Team Liquid’s new TSL9 T-shirt Front and Back © Team Liquid store

Materials are one of the most important aspects, in this case Team Liquid did not disappoint us either. For this piece they used a curious combination of materials such as cotton, polyester and rayon, these three materials together ensure that the shirt is comfortable, lightweight and durable. In the case of the details, these were captured with a highly durable silk screen printing so they will not wear out due to the continuous use of the garment. You can get the T-shirt from the official Team Liquid store.