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100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” Drop

100 Thieves is one of the most important esports teams today, not only in terms of official League Of Legends competitions, but also in the world of fashion and products that they constantly offer to their most loyal fan base.

The Cleveland Cavaliers affiliated team founded in 2017 has a great importance when it comes to fashion collections, with its own web store full of garments and various items that, if you are part of the 100 Thieves fanbase, will most likely be of interest to you.

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Today we come to comment on the latest and most innovative apparel collection of 100 Thieves, called “The Alumni Collection”, composed of multiple garments with great designs and unique details that, without a doubt, will make you want to keep any of them. Are you interested in this collection? Then keep reading this post and don’t miss anything, because we will also tell you how you can get it from your country of origin. We recently reviewed their Worlds Championship Jersey.

New 100 Thieves Alumni fashion collection overview

On September 24, the new collection of 100 Thieves, one of the most important American eSports teams, officially went on sale, called “The Alumni Collection”, with garments that remind us of the typical college clothing used in the United States.

Keep reading this guide and get to know in depth each of the items that are part of the new 2022 collection of 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” Black T-shirt © 100 Thieves shop

The Alumni Collection Flat Cap by 100 Thieves

The first thing you’ll find in this new collection from 100 Thieves is a flat cap with a single size, made entirely of 6-panel cotton, with an adjustable strap at the nape of the neck, so you can adjust it according to your comfort and the size of your skull.

It comes in two different models: one in black and one in white, although they have in common the 100 Thieves logo in college font on the front, in white, red and green, in the case of the black model, and in red and black, in the case of the white model. This is the only item in the collection that does not really count as a garment, but as an accessory.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” White T-shirt © 100 Thieves shop

The Alumni Collection oversize T-shirt by 100 Thieves

We see in second place an oversize t-shirt made of cotton, with round neck and short sleeves, with availability of sizes from XS to 4XL, so you will not have to worry about finding your right size; keep in mind that this is an oversize t-shirt, which means that it is much looser than usual.

As for its design, the jersey comes in a black model, with the number 100 only with red outline on the right side of the chest and, underneath, perpendicularly, the team’s name in red with the inscription LOS ANGELES in white on top.

It also comes in white, with the difference that the number 100 is in aqua green, as well as the team name and the inscription of the American city of Los Angeles.

The Alumni Collection Hoodie by 100 Thieves

One of the hoodies in the collection is this one, which features an adjustable hood and kangaroo pockets, that is, where both sides are connected. It is made entirely of high quality cotton and is available in sizes from XS to 3XL.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” Green and White Hoodies © 100 Thieves shop

It is available in two different models, although with the same range of colors; the first of these models is aqua green, with the inscription THIEVES in white schoolboy font, while the second model is white, with the inscription in green.

The Alumni Collection crewneck Sweatshirt by 100 Thieves

The second sweatshirt in the collection, unlike the previous one, does not have a hood, but is crewneck. It is made of 100% natural cotton of the best possible quality, and comes in sizes from S to 3XL.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” crewneck Sweatshirt © 100 Thieves shop

As in the previous sweatshirt, this one comes in two almost identical models: one in black, with the 100 Thieves logo in American college font in red, white and aqua green, and another in red, with the same front design, only in black.

The Alumni Collection Shorts by 100 Thieves

The collection brings with it a pair of track shorts in tricolor, with adjustable waist with drawstrings and side pockets with zipper and a back pocket on the right side, also being able to close it.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” Green and Red Shorts © 100 Thieves shop

As for its colors, you can get it in a white, aqua green and gray model, and another white, red and black model, thus combining the lower part of the garments with other upper garments, either a T-shirt or a sweatshirt.

The Alumni Collection Jacket by 100 Thieves

If you want to complete the outfit with a top coat that allows the shirt underneath to show through, the Alumni Collection also brings a track jacket that you can perfectly match with the shorts above. Available from size S to 3XL in two different models.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” Green Track Jacket © 100 Thieves shop

The first of these models is in green, white and gray, with the same tricolor design as the shorts, and another model, following the same line, in red, black and white.

This jacket features a high collar, full central zipper closure and individual open side pockets.

Where can I get the new 100 Thieves Alumni Collection?

One of the most important questions you are probably asking yourself after seeing the new 100 Thieves collection is where can I find this collection and how do I buy it from my country?

100 Thieves
100 Thieves “The Alumni Collection” Red Track Jacket © 100 Thieves shop

That question has a very simple answer, and that is that you can only do it from the official store of the team, by clicking here to access directly to the Alumni collection in question. Inside the store, remember to correctly add your payment method and check that your country of origin is eligible to receive international shipments of the same.